Canadian Roots

It’s been almost 10 years since we first acquired our first /British/English Golden Retriever. This is the true heart of Strike Golden, our Canadian lines!! Although a beginner all those years ago, we made many mistakes. But we are now FULL CIRCLE years later and now are proving that those lines before Judges and critiques in the dog world. For 3 generations we have watched these beautiful Canadian dogs with amazing Therapy qualities and success in working with many physical/emotional/mental disabilities in humans.


Our recent dog show we presented our “Nova” (Our foundation female) her daughter “Lady”, her son “Chet” and her Grand daughter “Pacer”. We competed in the Group Breeding evaluation and won Reserve Winners Group. In addition Nova went on to win “Best In Show” Veteran of a class of 8 dogs. Lady won BIG of the Golden Retrievers and Pacer went onto win 2 of her shows. Winning an astounding 2 BOB of the Golden Retrievers. She also Placed 1st in the Puppy Sporting Group and a 2nd place in Sporting group.

The judges comments resounded with these dogs have great front ends and also Rear ends. Which is not always the case in Golden Retrievers. As of 2016 we go back to our roots with a bigger emphasis on these lines.