Chet’s Bio

 International Champion- Chester Beaumont of Strike Golden. These are our best Therapy lines. Chet’s lines have produced Epileptic Seizure dogs and many Therapy dogs. There is a intuitive personality that is unique to these lines. Chets mom and uncle started us in our Therapy work with me 10 years ago. Now the third generation of these lines…it is still one of the best dogs for intuition and sensing.

Ch Chet – our Therapy lines

Chet’s Pedigree hails from the best known Kennels in Canada. Recognizing Chrys-Haefen and Skylon Kennels for their dedication and superb Dogs behind Chet. Son of our Nova, Chet he has passed his clearances and is now ready to carry on for his ancestors before him.  His first show winning 2 BOB and BIG.  His physical balance is outstanding..