Each of us want to do what we can to prevent and screen for the health of our beloved pets. This is one subject we are very passionate about. We have Never had a reported case of Hip dysplasia in our puppies. In 9 years we’ve never had honor a Puppy warranty due to Hip dysplasia. That being said, WE KNOW that studies show at least 15% of all puppies born will have hip dysplasia. They do not have hip dysplasia at birth and it’s thought that 50-70% is caused by environmental factors and yet unknown. But we know that in reality, despite having parents with excellent Hips and going back generations of good hips, hip dysplasia is still happening.

Our dogs- are tested with one or two different types of hip schemes. We test for structure of the hip joint and Tightness of the ligaments holding the joint tightly so it does not bounce in the socket. A third option we will use is BVA. These are sent overseas and do a breakdown of hip contact points and measurements.
We are happy to provide health clearances on our dogs. We still post on K9data for easy searching. However this site can be changed by anyone who signs in the site and can mess with anyone’s dogs. We will shortly be posting our dogs information on our Website and assuring our information stays accurate with no interference from just anyone who wants to mess with Golden’s information on k9data.

Spaying and Neutering -Skeletal Issues, hip dysplasia, joint and Cancer. I’ll provide the In depth Study and the Easy Read version.