My note to YOU

“To Punkin and Kona who died in the fire that Spring day…I could never repay or thank you for your sacrifice and the path it put me on. One day I will see you and we will chase frogs by the river once again together….The sun will be shining brightly and we will play catch in the yard. This was what we did on your last day on Earth. I hope it’s our FIRST day in Heaven together. .see you at the Rainbow bridge!”

Strike Golden came into existance through the tragic death of our two Golden Retrievers in a home fire. Without them, I felt a great void.The companionship, the heart and soul therapy they gave willingly in life was missing.  But as their loss was devestating, it brought back my dreams from younger years of being a Veterinarian and Trainer. The fire was re-ignited and since then my life has been devoted to raising puppies that excell by focusing on their early development and training while they are here, with ME.

I have learned from and studied with great Licensed Canine Behaviorists and trainers over the years. My informal, self study in the developement of puppies increased to where we are today. I tell my families, “You cannot get the time back when your puppies are young”. “It’s my job for 8 weeks. To do everything I can to raise your puppies the way you would want them raised”. This dedication has resulted in our families coming back for a second, third, fourth puppy from our home.

Our goal is always to improve the breed we love. In conformation, health and temperament. Most of our dogs have so many champions in their pedigrees one would have difficulty believing our goal is to Train/Socialize puppies. BUT we also strive to produce great Show dogs. Of the puppies we produce, a select few puppies will go on into brilliant SHOW careers and further this wonderful breed. A few go into hunting with their new familes and become Master Hunters. Others are in Professional Therapy organization in Service dog Training. The others….are loved Champions by the best families I can find. No family is approved for a Strike Golden puppy unless they provide a veterinarian reference, two personal references and a personal phone call with me. Our families are very devoted and follow us in great detail on our FB page. They even threw a Strike Golden Reunion with 35 dogs in attendance in the Upper Midwest USA. I did not do this! They organized it. What an honor it was, that they would do this.

Over 35 dogs and Strike Golden families in attendance. We had a fantastic time!

Over 35 dogs and Strike Golden families in attendance. We had a fantastic time!

We take pride in each and every puppy we raise. It’s extensive work with hours spent each day with them as they grow and develope. When they leave, we are exhausted and the result…..families that love their puppies with the same passion we do…..Dubbed by our families as the “Strike Golden family”. We hope that we can welcome you as well…