Preserving the Legacy! Golmas, Moondust, Chrys-Haefen, Skylon, Ducado De Espinosa

Over the years we have been fortunate to have obtained remarkable World Champion Bloodlines in our Golden Retrievers. You only have to look at their Pedigrees to easily recognize names of dogs that have been the foundation for many British/English Golden Retrievers of today. But a Golden is not only about a Star Packed Pedigree of Champions. Our program is built around knowing our Studs and Females…knowing what they are producing in their offspring. We are now in our 3rd generation from the original dogs we started with. So we know what we are producing in health, temperament, type and conformation. The greatest dogs of the Past are combined with the best of the lines and standards of the British/English type in today’s lines.

BIANCA – Our first truly Beta female. She has a temperament that is beyond reproach. Amazing in all ways. In her we have some of the Great dogs of the past. Bianca’s pedigree : The dogs in her, contributed to our British/English type Golden retrievers, all through history.

NOVA – Our first line of British/English Golden Retrievers and she hails from Canada. Nova’s children are still with us in Chet (stud page) Lady (Female page) and Stella (retired due to pregnancy complications) We are now raising Nova’s Grandchildren through her children. She is going strong and you would never guess this lady is 8 years old.

We imported Dolly from Serbia when she was 3 years old. Dolly has an amazing drive and impeccable clearances. We carry her children, CH Rocky, Flynn and Denali. Dolly hails from Bernard Catterall of Kennel Golmas in England. One of the few Golmas lines in the USA. Her boys have gone on to produce amazing health clearances and conformation.


Coming soon: Dolly, Perla and Storm….all the greatest dogs ever.