If a puppy is NOT just a puppy to you!!

Our Program ALWAYS includes our socialization/training/beginning obedience skill building, Pack socialization, car rides and overnight potty training. Our basic program for beginning well mannered puppies, includes,  recall,  sit skills. Please see our training section for more details.

Our work is very hands on. Most of our program is based loosely on PuppyProdigies. These folks train and raise Therapy candidates from 3 weeks of age. Puppies are super intelligent and just fascinating how they learn so young.

Puppies must sit before they can be picked up.

Puppies must sit before they can be picked up.

 Investment costs in your new Canine AKC papers Limited Regisration (no breeding rights)  $3000

The first pick position may be available to Pet homes. First pick position price of ($3200)

Show/ Breeding Homes$3500 with Full Registration (breeding rights) We have the best bloodlines in the world and in the USA. We want to continue to further the quality of this wonderful breed. Only sold if buyer has an understanding of the European Style Retriever and will show the puppy. Vet reference and pictures of home will be required as well as breeding/Warranty agreement. Puppy must be raised indoors and never outdoors in a kennel environment. *We feel the Golden Retriever as a dog is a family dog. Love humans and the temperament beyond reproach for love and loyalty. They are not happy without their humans. Therefore we do not sell many puppies to breeders as a result. But we would rather love the dog First and foremost. *Please note: we reserve the right to accept or decline a reservation placed on our puppies.