2018 Puppy Reservations

We are fortunate that our home training and socializing program have given us such wonderful families for our puppies.  At this time we are accepting Reservations for our 2018 litters. We will be declaring the Parents of these litters in the next month or so. We are just completing a few health clearances and will be starting the “Lock” in litter reservations by the end of 2017.  For NOW, we are a normal household getting ready for Winter. Our dogs curled by our feet and enjoying the fall with us.  Bonefires at night as we say goodbye to 2017. As always Spring/Summers are the busy time for us around here with puppies. Please get to know us, who we are and our love for this breed and each/every puppy born into our lives.


***Note: we only take 3 Male and 3 Female reservations per litter before they are born. Our back up reservation list are the first people we contact once the litters are born. If you figure an average litter is 8-10 puppies. We reserve only 6 puppies, so we should have 2-4 more babies available once we have paws on the ground and all born successfully.


PLEASE contact me via phone for more information.






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