Christmas Puppies 2017

Angel/Monty 2017

We are Reserving our Xmas 2017 litter. Angel has her puppies only once a year and so far, just in time to go home for Xmas.  Angel has a keen intuition and saved her family from a fire. The house was a total loss. Her owner had fallen into a Carbon sleep. She kept barking and eventually they woke up. She will be paired for a repeat breeding with Monty. Monty has a “Old Soul” and carries the most super gentle temperament.  Please contact me for more information on the parents, health and our Beginning socialization and training program.

Christmas Litter #2. Meela/Monty

Meela is the ideal Golden retriever. Intelligent and loves people. I call her my Hippy Girl. She just takes things are they happen and in no particular rush. She is a fantastic momma and sports, “Trampoline Jumping” as a hobby. Monty is the Old Soul male in our home. This will be a first time combination.


Please visit our Available Puppies page:

***Note: we only take 3 Male and 3 Female reservations per litter before they are born. Our back up reservation list are the first people we contact once the litters are born. If you figure an average litter is 8-10 puppies. We reserve only 6 puppies, so we should have 2-4 more babies available once we have paws on the ground and all born successfully.

PLEASE contact me via phone for more information.






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