Our Boys

We have been fortunate to have some outstanding bloodlines in our studs. Most of our Studs are hip clearanced using two hip schemes. I test for Tightness with Pen hip. In addition, either OFA Prelim or BVA to back up the Penhip.   We have never had a heart murmer in 9.5 years. Our studs are all OFA Heart clearance by Certified Veterinarians/practitioner.  Our Eye clearances are done prior to first matings. We have built our program around our own Studs.  We track our lines over the generations and don’t just Jump to find the next “Flavor of the day” dog out of Europe. We have lovely breed standard dogs and many are titled with exceptional conformation and temperament. After 3 generation, we know that nothing bred to Teddy or Flynn have failed hip clearances in our dogs or the select few dogs we have allowed out on breeding rights.  If you have any questions please contact me privately. We have decided that we will never be able to show and use the wonderful Studs we own. A shame to not improve the breed and TOP breeders they represent. This is a first time ever for us. So look for our boys in the future – pending Eye cerfs. All boys still producing 900 Million – 1 Billion Counts with 90% average forward Motility. * K9data has been making deletions of the old Our beautiful dogs

Our Mission started with our sincere thoughts.  “We raise Champion Golden Retriever puppies for people who believe ALL dogs are Champions”.  Simply, all dogs are to be loved puppies that are raised here at Stike Golden.

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