Social Development

Social development of our puppies/dogs is essential. One of the most important things you can do for a growing puppy is to…. Socialize!!  Our socialization includes a variety of Environmental and human socialization. We have many Strike Golden families nearby and those that will travel to help socialize and handle the puppies. The puppies will go on Car rides, visit lakes for swimming practice and play in the yard with our family. They listen to the lawnmower, leaf blowers and trimmers outside, while we watch them and interact with them. Sometimes our Flower beds don’t survive the few litters we have each year. But for us, it’s an easy fix. We’d rather have them learning from us and getting to know humans as their friends. Knowing what they are experiencing and learning in these early weeks with us….is time we cannot get back. Contributing to puppies with higher learning capabilities. Lowering their fear thresholds for later in life. Each puppy is worked with as we evaluate their personality profiles. If we get a more timid puppy we are able to work with that one a bit differently than the more outgoing puppies. We want all of them to be successful in life.