Typical Puppy day!

A typical puppy day at Strike Golden is filled with fun and learning. We start potty training skills at 2.5 weeks of age by seperating a potty area and lining it with newpapers.

Seperate potty areas

Seperate potty areas

Potty training continues and at 5 weeks they are moved into their intermediate areas in our dining room. This area has a blocked off potty location and by 7-8 weeks of age. Puppy go 90% of the time in these areas. This is a natural dog behavior to seperate their bed/play and potty areas. Really they are instinctually amazing and YES they actually go on the newspapers at 3 weeks of age. At 5-6 weeks we open up the puppy areas and let them walk outside and in/out the front door to go Potty.

Our Going Home schedule includes: Getting up in the morning and going outside for potty and eating. Playtime comes next and we love to explore while our owners play and interact with us. Then we take a long.. long nap. We get up for Lunch and go Potty and play again with our owners. There are many hours during the day we do things and people come and go visiting and holding all the puppies. They eat dinner and after that….play is alot longer. Usually a few hours and then we have a long nap period. Just about 8pm all the puppies are woke up for their last play session and elimination outside. Once they have played, which is about one hour…it’s Lights out and they are sleeping.

While they sleep at night in our dining room, they are not tending to after 5 weeks of age.We simply have papers put out for them to do their business at night and they fall right back to sleep. This is perhaps why our families say their puppies are so easy to potty train and only get up once in about 5-6 hours at night. Af this point they have been handled, trained and loved throughout the day. Night night….sweet dreams puppies!

"Out for the night"

“Out for the night”