Reserving a puppy – get to know us!

How to reserve a puppy with Strike Golden?

1.)  We’d love to get to know you! Our Website includes many training aspect for your new puppy that are not common with many breeders. Pricing information is also available.

2.) Our next step is a personal phone call with me. We birth and raise the puppies in our home. The lives of our puppies and their new families are so important. It’s more getting to know you AND for you to get to know us. Simply go to the contact page and send us a message with your phone number

3.) If we talk and you decide you’d like to reserve a puppy, then I will email you the Strike Golden puppy warranty that needs to be printed and filled out and returned to us at the address on the top of the Puppy Warranty. (Often we get emails in bunches, so the pick order is determined by when we actually receive in the mail the deposit and warranty) In addition a $500 deposit should accompany the Puppy Warranty. Once you review the warranty we want you to ask questions to clarify anything.

4.)Within the Warranty Is a section for references to be completed. We ask for a Veterinarian Reference, personal reference and neighbor reference. ** If no Veterinarian reference is available, please let us know. Usually we ask for the potential family to research vaccinations and training puppies before they decide to reserve. The success of each puppy is the most important reason we do what we do. Our families share in this commitment.

5.) We hate to disappoint families if a puppy is not have born for them. Since we book far out, we take 3 Male and 3 Female reservations on each upcoming litter. THEN we move to a “Back up reservation list” We know that average litters are 8-11 puppies. There will be additional puppies available in each litter. Once the litters are born, we will go right to the reservation list and go down based on your position on the list. We only Pre-reserve 6 puppies. Generally there are 2-4 puppies that will be available. So the Back up reservation list is a good place to be generally.

Once you are approved and waiting for  your baby to be born and raised…we have a very close group on FB. This is a closed group and can only be accessed by Strike Golden Families.

The Strike Golden life

The Strike Golden life

 INVESTMENT:  Puppies have an extensive Socialization and beginning training program in their cost. Potty training begins at 2 1/2 weeks of age. Door training to potty outside begins at 5 weeks of age. We literally take them outside 6-8 times a day. These puppies have been trained overnight as well.

All puppies are $3000 (including their training)  Puppies come with Limited AKC purebred registration papers. (No breeding rights) A puppy bed goes home with your puppy that has been loved by the their litter. Stuffed animals and toys which have been with each puppies individual littermates. We feed Earthborn Holistic Puppy Vantage , which is a grain free food. Mothers and puppies live with us and no doggie door. All training and interaction with us and our other adult dogs. We do “Pack Training” and socialize with socialization groups. 1st Pick position is occasionally available. That position is a bit higher in price of $3200. No breeding rights on any of our puppies.

Photos – COME ALONG!!  From the time you decide to get a puppy from us, we will have had time to get to know each other. When the mother goes into labor we post photos and refer to this as “Puppy Watch”. From the birth and all the milestones the puppies go through. We bring you along with a Photo album weekly and video’s.  You can’t be here and our goal is to have you feel like you are part of this process. We want you to know your new puppy even if you are across the USA.