Canadian Champions / AKC

We have spend 10 years developing our lines and strive to produce the Golden Retriever Breed Standard in every litter. Careful evaluation is given to each litter as we watch them grow over the years. With so much diversity from top Kennels the world over we are so fortunate to now be producing our own Champions that excel in Conformation and have the Golden Retriever temperaments they are known for.

We focus on training and socializing puppies. Our passion for the breed must continue into the Dog show arena. It does not make our dogs better than anyone else. What it means to us?  That we are working to improve the breed and not just having puppies. We believe all serious breeders should be campaigning their Golden Retrievers of the British type. AKC, Canada, Europe, UKC or other arena. Finally we are proud to put two of our own in Canada this year. So proud of them and their amazing handler Will Alexander. I was fortunate to actually be in Canada for the big day Pacer our 15 month old won a 4 point Win against 12 females. Now we come home to love and raise a few litters a year.