Murdock’s Bio


“Murdock”  While still young this boy is full of promise as a stud and show dog.  He is loyal and very loving. Couches and climbing on your lap are some of his favorite things to do. In fact if he can climb up onto your lap full bodied, he will!  His coat is long and flowing, just beautiful with a massive Blocky head!!  Our Canadian Champion Phoenix is his 1/2 brother by our Erinderry/Golmas “Flynn”.

“We have always admired the Glen Sheallag lines that his mother carries. This boy has some of the most wonderful Original foundation breeders of TOP Goldens in the world. Judge Bernard Catreal of Kennel Golmas, Catherine Crosby of Kennel Erinderry, Moondust, Clear Passion and Marjamez lines.

Since we keep back our own we know this bloodline and what each produces. Murdock was the best puppy in the litter. When we brought him into our specialist, it was determined that he was likely stepped on as a very young puppy. The Pelvis was “squished” on one side. Hips are amazing and so are the elbows. Since we know our bloodlines of this boy and they are impeccable for clearances. We will keep this beautiful boy and his rare Genetic makeup in our program. Murdock, is young and will be part of our breeding program in 2019.